Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Increasing Frustration with the Indiana US Senate GOP Primary

If you somehow have been signed up onto either Senator Richard Lugar's or Treasurer's Richard Mourdock's e-mail list (and I say somehow because I never signed up for either) for the US Senate primary in Indiana, then you've likely been inundated with several e-mails every week. Every time these people find some editorial board or some columnist or some blogger or get some endorsement, they go to their computers, fire off an e-mail, and act like its the biggest damn thing in the world.

Stop it. Stop sending them to me. I don't care.

You know what I would like to see in my inbox?

When you're holding a rally or an event. Even if the candidate himself can't be there. In my area.

Preferably in some forum that takes questions.

I'd like to see what you stand for, not what some intellectual blowhard writing for some blog or some newspaper column thinks.

I don't want to hear from your SuperPAC or your surrogates or the mayors or other officials who've endorsed you.

I want you to speak for yourself. I want your people, the people who've felt so passionate enough to volunteer their time that they are working directly for your campaign, to get out there and make their case for their guy.

I want to hear what makes you different, what you agree on. I want to hear about your path to victory in the primary and in the general. I want to hear what you'd like to do in the United States Senate.

I'd like Mr. Mourdock to answer why we should trade a senior Senator (who very well might become the Senate Pro Tempore if the GOP takes a majority of Senate seats in the fall) for a freshman who will not get the best committee assignments.

I want Senator Lugar to tell me how he'll be different from the last GOP Senate Pro Tempore, Ted Stevens (Alaska), whose career ended with a re-election loss, federal indictment and conviction, and was famous for being a big pork spender.

I want you to make your case to the GOP primary voters. And then to the people of Indiana.

And stop sending me these damn e-mails.

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  1. Senate Pro Tem is strictly a ceremonial position with no power.


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