Thursday, March 29, 2012

Non-political: Congratulations Nancy!

The friends and family that read this blog are likely aware that my mother lost her job in 2011. The not-for-profit she was working for lost out on a grant or two, and unfortunately, her position was eliminated due to the loss of grant money. She has been diligently working in finding new employment, not only by applying for jobs but going to seminars and workshops to help out with resumes, interview tips, and networking opportunities, and even taking temporary work when possible.

Well, her hard work finally paid off. She'll be working with WorkOne as a Retention Specialist. She'll be tracking individuals who receive job training funds to see what the outcomes are of the...well, job training they received. The position is only for the rest of the year, but getting a foot in the door is a huge first step!

To all the friends, family, parishioners (St. Monica represent!), and others who have offered help to my family, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone in my family that we are grateful. And I hope that, someday, I can do my part to somehow repay that debt.

And don't worry, political friends and foes, I've got juicy candidate profiles and Frank "The Good Doctor" Straub hijinks coming up very soon.

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