Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Reaction to Public Safety Budget Shortfall

Wasn't the Super Bowl supposed to cause a windfall of tax revenue to come to our city and magical, money manna was going to fall from the sky? Weren't the last four years of budgets so awesomely "honestly balanced" that we'd never have an unforseen gap in funding ever again? If the city wasn't flushed with cash, why are we spending $6 million on the Broad Ripple parking garage (which we get no revenues from)? Why are we giving Eli Lilly a $100 million loan to build a fancy new campus? Why did we give the Super Bowl every single tax break we could possibly give them if we weren't flushed with cash?

Budgets are tight. This is no surprise. But if you listened to the GOP during the 2011 municipal campaign, you'd think that this city was on a safe track and not on the verge of making law enforcement officers buy their own toilet paper.


  1. Matt, can you find out the cost of Straubs offices? Id also like to know how much he is paying his people from New York.

    Also, there have been major transfers of upper level officers because of politics.Evidently Straub had several officers that disagreed with him transferred to crappy positions.


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