Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coming Up/Blog Preview

As the academic semester winds down and my time becomes more flexible, I'll be able to work on this blog a bit more as the primary election quickly approaches.

Typically, the rule with this blog is that I don't contact public officials before writing a post about them, but I welcome their comments and am happy to edit them into the post or make a follow up post. But I'm working on a story concerning an appointment to some city board, and I'm waiting to hear back on an elected official. Eventually, I'll hit the "Publish" button if they don't respond within a reasonable amount of time. But I'd really like their side to be told.

I'm in the process of writing up profiles of the 5th district GOP candidates. Those will be appearing over the next several days. I'll be profiling Susan Brooks, David McIntosh, John McGoff, and Wayne Seybold.

I'll be featured on this Saturday's episode of Civil Discourse Now. Paul Ogden and Mark Small will be talking with representatives of the two Democratic candidates in the 5th Congressional district, and I think there will be a general discussion of the 5th as well.

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