Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More on Matthew Tully's Latest Love Letter to Dick Lugar

Indianapolis Star political columnist Matthew Tully and US Senator Richard Lugar have been having a love affair ever since 2012 started. Tully would write a column about how much he loves Lugar, how his "statesman like demeanor" is needed in Washington D.C., and the other talking points Lugar surrogates have been using for much of the last year. Or, sometimes to mix it up a bit, Tully would slam Lugar's opponent, state treasurer Richard Mourdock. And when Tully does that, he usually bemoans how "partisan" Mourdock is or how "out of touch" Mourdock is with Hoosier values.

So can I ask, again, what in the world do people see in Richard Lugar?

Richard Lugar has been in Washington D.C. for over 30 years.

Over the last 12 years, Richard Lugar has been right there in the United States Senate. Votes have been cast for two wars, a financial bailout with no strings attached, and a federal power grab in K-12 education. And Lugar voted for each of these bills which spent trillions of dollars.

And those initiatives were pushed with huge bipartisan margins. Not just the usual token one vote from the opposition party or some such nonsense. HUGE bipartisan margins in both houses of Congress.

So here's Tully talking about how more bipartisanship is needed.

I say if bipartisanship is going to get us into another war in the Middle East, or is going to give a blank check to Bank of America, then I want whatever the opposite of bipartisanship is.

So here's your chance, Lugar surrogates. Tell me what Senator Lugar has done to clean up any of DC's various messes in the 30+ years he's been there.


  1. As I'm sure Paul Ogden would point out...this is just another reason why the Star is quickly fading into obscurity.

  2. Tully's strident and personal attacks do not endear a large swarth of Hoosier readers to an already shrinking newspaper. I fully expect the Star to endorse Lugar (just as they did with liberals Bart Peterson and Melina Kennedy, both of whom lost). Yellow journalism passing for commentary is nontheless poor quality. Readers deserve respect; not alienation.

  3. Dick Lugar is hardly a "liberal". He has a 77.02 lifetime rating by the American Conservative Union. While not conservative enough for some voters, it is likely too conservative for others, me included. Mourdock the attempted Chrysler-killer is just beyond the pale. Plus there are outside groups spending $842,772.38 so far (per the FEC) trying to elect Mourdock.


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