Friday, April 27, 2012

A Plea to 5th Congressional District Voters

We're winding down to the last handful of days before the May 8 primary takes place. One of the more heated primary battles in the state is in the 5th Congressional district. On the Republican side, there are seven candidates. Four of the seven have a combination of money, name recognition, and high profile endorsements making them viable candidates.

And since it is a Republican primary, it is more about driving out the base to get them to vote for you.

And in that case, direct mail pieces become important. Direct mail pieces can come from a candidate's campaign, the local or state party, or unaffiliated political action committees. And usually, the direct mail pieces are much more negative than any of the television or radio ads that are blanketing the airwaves.

Since direct mail pieces can come up right before or the day of the primary, it is tough for mainstream media to cover them while working on a deadline.

So if you're a 5th district resident (which might discount David McIntosh!), I'd like your help. Take a picture of any direct mail pieces. If possible, take a picture of the entire piece, and also zoom in on who paid for the mailing as well.

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