Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where Does David McIntosh Live?

Anyone who has been reading the blogs for the past 24 hours knows that shit has hit the fan in the 5th Congressional district GOP primary.

Wayne Seybold, the current mayor of Marion, was first up. He was attacked by blogger Greg Purvis. Purvis, an activist in Hamilton County and probably one of like, 2 Democrats that lives there, reported the rumor that Seybold's mother retains her British citizenship to keep access to their nationalized healthcare system. Seybold's camp quickly squashed the rumor.

The current controversy is an old one. David McIntosh moved to Virginia after losing his run for Governor in 2000. Speculation on his residency dogged him when he was still in the exploratory committee phase late last year, but seemingly was settled once people started hearing reports that he was spending nights in Anderson, Indiana.

Now the residency issues are haunting him again with the revelation that McIntosh (and likely, most of his family that is driving age) has a Virginia driver's license. And in Virginia, you can only get a driver's license if you're a resident of Virginia.

But you, dear reader, probably already knew all that.

But what you haven't seen is this awesome website called Where Does David McIntosh Live?

In it is a bunch of opposition research, not just the residency issues.

And it is well designed.

So who put it up?

The site lacks a disclaimer...well, anywhere, about who runs it.

Doing a WhoIs for the domain name turns up one of those proxy domain name registering services.

But it sure got put together in a hurry. Makes me think this site had been sitting on a computer somewhere, and some opponent of McIntosh's was just waiting for the issue to come up.


  1. I checked the basement - he's not down there.

  2. It has to be a candidate with a LOT of money that put that site up. And..a very good knowledge of how to hide a URL ownership. I assume there will be TV spots to follow with that theme.

  3. How can you be a resident in 2 states at once:
    He certainly does not qualify as an exempt student or congressman

    “New Residents “Within 60 days of moving here, you must obtain a Virginia driver's license.”

    “If you are a non-resident temporarily living in Virginia, you may drive with your home state or country driver's license and license plates for no more than six months
    If you become gainfully employed, you are required to hold a Virginia driver's license.”


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