Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candidate Marvin Scott (R-7th CD) Continues His Lies

Marvin Scott has gotten into quite a few controversies during his campaign against Democrat André Carson. And this one isn't something he can blame on staff or volunteers or "the media."

On an October 12th appearance on Greg Garrison's radio show on WIBC, Scott claims he has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaksa and Republican Vice Presidential candidate in the 2008 presidential campaign. This Sarah Palin blog doesn't have Marvin Scott's name in their list, which was updated the day before Scott appeared on Garrison's show. Scott seems to have made this up in a pathetic attempt to bolster his cash strapped campaign.

Scott has a history of doing exactly this. In his 1996 campaign in the then 10th Congressional district, Scott sent out a fundraising letter claiming that former President Gerald Ford, former Governor of Indiana Robert Orr, and former Department of Education Secretary William Bennett were chairman of his campaign. Believe it or not, the media challenged him on this claim, and he was forced to fess up.

If you ever need a good laugh, head on over to his Facebook page. He held a "money bomb" in September with a promise to post the results in 48 hours. Those results never came. He's holding one now, and I expect similar abysmal results. He keeps saying he's a "Tea Party candidate", but the Indianapolis Tea Party doesn't endorse candidates and I'm unaware of other regional Tea Party groups that have provided endorsements.

Hat tip to Wilson Allen, who posted about this latest Scott controversy over at Indiana Barrister and his Facebook page.Link

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