Monday, October 25, 2010

More on Why I Can't Support Mark Massa

Mark Massa, the Republican nominee for Marion County Prosecutor, released this ad last week. It's a negative ad that slams Terry Curry, Massa's Democratic opponent, for defending an alleged child molester (I say alleged because I'm not familiar with the case the ad is talking about). The not-so-subtle message is if Curry can defend a man accused of sexual crimes against a child, how can a county prosecutor's office led by him be trusted to convict sexual offenders?

This ad, similar to several ads for the Sheriff's race (both during the general and primary), play on the public's fears and ignorance.

One of the hallmarks of our justice system is that everyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. That the prosecuting form of government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did what they are charging. And, even if the guy was caught red handed, what's the rush? The accused has the right to a fair and speedy trial to make sure he is charged with appropriate charges that fit the crime, and that his sentencing fits what he is convicted of, IF he's convicted.

So with this ad, Mark Massa is saying he doesn't give a damn about our justice system. His ad does not presume innocence, and may God help you if you ever end up in court for a crime you didn't commit. How far will Massa's office, if elected, go if they can't prove that the alleged did the crime?

I didn't think Mark Massa's campaign would sink so low. This really disappoints me.


  1. I thought something similar when I saw this ad. Another hallmark of our justice system is that it is an adversarial system. If Curry was a defense lawyer defending this man, then he had a moral obligation to defend him completely. If Massa believes otherwise, he's not fit to hold the office.

  2. Terry Curry defended this child molester on appeal. He had already been found guilty by a jury and sentenced to 80 years by a judge. There was no longer a presumption of innocence for this creep. A jury found that he raped that poor girl, and Terry Curry stepped in to defend him on appeal, ultimately losing 5-0. Check out the case for yourself:

  3. I did read that, Anon 8:18. Did you see WHY it was appealed? It wasn't appealed because "my client is innocent."

    And hey, that's not what the ad says. It doesn't mention it was on an appeal. It completely misportrays the situation.


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