Tuesday, October 19, 2010

City-County Council's Municpal Corporation Approves CIB Budget 5-2

The City-County Council Muncipal Corporation Committee voted to approve the City-County Council's budget with a do-pass recommendation 5-2. The votes were as follows:

Chairwoman Barbara Malone (R-At Large)
Angel Rivera (R-At Large)
Robert Lutz (R-13th District)
Jeff Cardwell (R-23th District)
Jackie Nytes (D-9th District)

Dane Mahern (D-19th District)
Maggie Lewis (D-7th District)

To Mr. Lutz's credit, he asked in a joking manner if the committee could pass it without a do-pass recommendation. He has previously voted against CIB budgets.

I will write about the meeting more in depth later in the week.

At-Large Councilor Angel Rivera will also be posting a counterpoint to my open letter. That will be posted Thursday morning.


  1. Yes, they could have passed the proposal out to the full council without any recommendation at all. I don't know why they were joking about that. It was an actual option they had.

  2. FYI, I guarantee you Angel won't be writing that letter. It will be ghost written and submitted under his name. They've done it before.

  3. He's already written a response which I was originally going to copy/paste, but he wanted to do some revising so that someone who doesn't follow politics as extensively as you or I do will have a full understanding of his side. This doesn't mean I'll let figures full of spin like the 60 gajillion hospitality jobs go without contesting them, it just means that it'll be in a different post :)

    I've exchanged e-mails frequently with Angel and am familiar enough with his writing style.

  4. That 66,000 hospitality jobs figure is such a crock. Do you know that those aren't just downtown Indianapolis jobs, not just Marion County jobs, but hospitality jobs in the Central Indiana area?


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