Friday, October 29, 2010

So Many Topics, So Little Time

While I usually relax my blogging during the weekend, this is the weekend right before an election.

I've chatted with the two challengers in the Pike Township Trustee race, Erik Morris (LP) and Robert McDonald (R). I'm going to shoot off an e-mail tonight to the incumbent, Lula Patton (D) and ask her the same questions, and write up a bit about each candidate and their views.

On that note, I'm trying to educate myself on these township judges, and am having no luck at all. If anyone has any tips on how to get information about these guys (I'm in Pike Township), shoot me an e-mail at mamstone AT firehawktechnologies DOT com.

I got an interesting tidbit in my Inbox today about Public Safety Director Frank "Call Me Doctor" Straub earlier today. What is interesting is that some commenter on Abdul's blog (here) is raising a fuss as well. It's strange. Every time The Good Doctor's name comes up, people start coming out of the woodworks with their stories. And even though half of it might be exaggerated or false, you have to wonder, how does The Good Doctor's behavior reflect on Mayor Greg Ballard?

Finally, I tweeted that I had some information on the Sheriff's race that I'd like to share. I still have that information, but life got in the way. I'm going to work on verifying that and see if I can't get it posted before Monday.

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