Friday, October 22, 2010

Shred-It To Host Multiple Events to Protect from Identity Theft

Several locations throughout central Indiana will participate in an event to help protect from identity theft. For $5 per box, you can shred documents. Goodwill will also be taking electronics, including computers. Police will also be on hand to dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired prescription medications.

The locations are:

  1. Carmel Police Headquarters, 3 Civic Square
  2. Lawrence Police Headquarters, 9001 E. 59th Street, Boone Village Shopping Center, 67 Boone Village
  3. Greenwood Park Mall, 1251 US Highway 31 North
  4. WTHR-Channel 13 Studios, 1000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis
  5. Speedway Police Headquarters, 1410 N. Lynhurst Drive

I will try to get in touch with WTHR to find out exactly how Goodwill will use any computers if they are donated, and to what extent the computers will be wiped clean. From those who better understand the hardware of computers than I, I've heard that simply formatting a hard drive doesn't really "erase" everything on it and information on the drive can still be recovered. There are more extensive methods for hard drives to be completely wiped, but they take more time. And if I can't find information on it, you can still donate computers, but just take out the hard drive.

On an somewhat related but interesting note, an IT technician I was talking to a few weeks ago says his company literally destroys old and faulty hard drives because it's the most efficient way at protecting the data stored on them.

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  1. If you are really serious about destroying your hard drive check the internet on how to take it out of the computer and take the top off of the drive. It's not real hard to destroy a hard drive. Take it out of the computer and with the removal of about five screws you can take the the top off and then take a screw driver or a hammer and pry off the circular disks. Once you done that it would cost a small fortune to retrieve the data. One good smack of the brown disk with a hammer and it's history.


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