Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shame on WISH-TV

WISH-TV has hired former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi as a consultant/talking head on legal matters.

This is both interesting and disgusting on several fronts.

I certainly don't fault Brizzi for taking this job. His reputation is tarnished in the county Republican Party, and I'm certain that goes for the legal profession as well. Man's gotta eat, right?

But I can fault WISH-TV for this. He's been out of office for all of 13 days, but there are several matters on the horizon that he had a hand in and will likely be asked to comment. He'll be able to control his message exclusively through WISH-TV on matters such as the Officer David Bisard case, and the ongoing federal investigation involving Tim Durham.

I just thought that the media in this town knew better. But they always seem to surprise me.


  1. Hire a prostitute in New York and get a naitonal TV deal.

    Run around with criminals,be investigated for federal issue,let criminals out of jail and get a local TV deal.

    I guess that it does pay to be a sleezeball

  2. Maybe Brizzi would like to comment on this:

  3. Diana, when my work lulls in a few hours, I'm going to take a gander.

    What is Hoosier Leaks? Do you have a link to them?

  4. I remember when Jerry Springer was kicked out of the Mayors office in Cincinnati after he bounced a check to a prostitute in Northern KY. It wasn't more then a couple of months later one of the local TV stations hired him to do political commentary on their station. As I recall they were the third rated news station in Cincy. What Springer did was stupid and personal, what Brizzi has done as Prosecutor is down right criminal! Gotta love the media in America!

  5. Just got an email message today with this link:


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