Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Durham Refuses to Disclose Assets; Ordered to Halfway House

Tim Durham, who is alleged to have bilked investors of $200 million and using the money as his personal bank account, has refused to fully disclose his assets to the authorities. Judge Kennard Foster wasn't pleased, and has ordered Durham to be housed at the Volunteers of America halfway house in downtown Indianapolis. According to WRTV6, Durham will be chipped with a GPS unit and be housed in a work-release facility run by the organization. Durham is required to maintain residence in Indianapolis

Durham has seven days to further disclose his assets to the authorities. If he does that, his living arrangements might be up for further discussion.

This follows up the mystery of what's going on at Durham's former home in Geist, a mansion that is now being foreclosed. It appears that someone has been living if not in the mansion, then at least on the property. Eyewitnesses say they've seen someone set up a tent on the property and have seen vehicles going in and out.

I honestly didn't expect any interesting coverage of Durham from WISH-TV ever since they employed Durham's drinking buddy, former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, as a "legal analyst." Wonder what he has to say about all this jazz.

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