Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Humor: Blogging Must Run in the Family

My sister and I don't have a lot in common. Sure, we like some of the same music and share some other interests. She was into theater and participated in Comedy Sportz in high school, while I was the quiet kid who played video games with friends. She's an art major, and I'm a former journalism major. She has, at times, openly mocked me being a "blogger", and I've mocked her for likely becoming a crazy cat lady (sans cats, because she's allergic).

But I have to say, I really like her blog. It's titled Waffel Haus. It's basically about her life, both current and when she (we?) were growing up. But I'm not writing this because I want my mostly political readers to really get to know my family, but I honest to goodness think she's got a talent in writing, and it's different than the pseudo-journalist style that I take in my writing. She's got a flow-of-consciousness thing going on, and (At least I think so) can make the most mundane task or person sound interesting.

So if you want to read a blog about the life of an egotistical, self-deprecating, self-centered (yep, same person) college student, go read her blog. Her posts about her quest on a dating site (Digital Love) and her thoughts on the upper class (A Guide t the Finer Things) are some of my favorites.

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