Thursday, April 28, 2011

Indianapolis Bar to Abdul: Put Up or Shut Up!

Local pundit, talk radio show host, and licensed Illinois attorney Abdul Hakim-Shabazz has been on the attack, printing every possible rumor he can dig up on county and state Democrats. In his latest post on this topic, he focuses on conflict between the head of the state party and the county party. But he also throws in a bit about Judge Lou Rosenburg, who is the judge hearing one of several cases relating to Secretary of State Charlie White. Shabazz alleges that Rosenberg has been meeting with various Democratic party officials asking what he should do in the White case, which could be serious judicial misconduct.

Earlier today, the Indianapolis Bar Association released this statement responding to Shabazz's claim, basically refuting Shabazz. The best defense against libel and slander is evidence. The question is, does the talk radio host have it and does he have the cajones to present it to the proper authorities?

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