Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's fix existing bike lanes before adding more!

Both The Indianapolis Star and Fox 59 WXIN are reporting on several new bike lanes being financed through the Rebuild Indy and Sustain Indy programs, using a mixture of federal, state, and local dollars. Over 30 miles of bike lanes will be added, expanding the existing lanes in some roads and creating new ones on roads that have none.

I ride my bike both as a form of exercise and to get about in downtown Indianapolis, so how bike friendly the roads and trails are is something I experience firsthand. And, at least in downtown Indianapolis, it's a mix bag.

Heading east on Michigan Street is one such example of a bike lane I tend to disregard. It often becomes the go-to place for rubble and debris, especially as I get closer to one of my favorite coffee houses, Mo'Joes. And while a bump here and there, or a sudden, small dip in the road won't throw a motorist out of their seat, it certainly doesn't help cyclists.

The bike lane on Illinois Street is just two thin lines between the traffic and where cars park. And at one point, it ends (not kidding!) and then abruptly begins again.

There are good bike lanes out there. New York Street around the IUPUI campus is a good, wide lane, and it looks like the lane on Keystone is similar.

So can we get some quality assuarance that we'll get usable lanes that don't just throw cyclists to the side of the road with all the debris that piles up? That'd be great.

And for the fiscally conservative among us, maybe a breakdown of how this all costs $32 million?


  1. I cannot remember the last time I saw a street sweeper. I don't even remember seeing the carboard 'no parking on for street cleaning' signs they used to put up all the time warning everyone the street would be swept in a few days.

    Even a simple 'truck with a water nozzle' to flush the gunk into the gutter would be a great improvement. There is SO much glass out there and it doesn't go away.

  2. aren't roads paid for with the gas tax, and do bikes pay for that tax? are bike lanes a terrible waste of money? questions, and i'm for bike riding

  3. While gasoline taxes are a dedicated taxes specifically for roads, they are not the only funding for roads. If it was the only tax, they wouldn't be coming close to funding our needs.

  4. Most people have cars in addition to bikes. They pay the gas tax, the license fees, and then travel around sometimes without using any gas. So what?


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