Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sam Carson Can't Be Serious?!?!?!?!!?

Apparently, there's a candidate forum at the Pike Township Government Center. Several candidates from both sides of the isle are present, including Samuel Carson Jr. Carson is the son of the late Julia Carson, and the uncle of Congressman André Carson.

I've listened to Sam Carson a few times when I hear him on the radio. And if you aren't listening to hard, he talks a good game.

However, Carson is trying to make his name as an outsider, but he seems to be an outsider that desperately wants to be an insider.

At the Pike Township forum, he name dropped former Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson saying he'd like to put him in charge of the Department of Public Safety. He went on to say he'd want Robert Turner as his Chief of Staff. Turner was the Director of Public Safety for several years, and was appointed to the Airport Board Authority as well.

He then says former Mayor Bart Peterson is a "Democrat on paper".

Bashing Peterson (which, for the record, I'm a fan of) but then appointing two public officials who worked closely with Peterson? It sounds like this guy is trying to have it both ways.

At least my county Dem friends won't have to listen to this nonsense after the primary.


  1. Turner was very unhappy with Peterson and in fact supported Ballard in 2007, which, he like me, regrets.

    I don't know if Frank Anderson is necessarily close to Peterson, but he fumbled so much regarding running the jails, I wouldn't want him in any position of authority.

  2. I should clarify. Jail #1 was extremely well run. It was the privatized jails that Frank Anderson totally neglected to provide oversight for. Fortunately Sheriff Layton is now doing someting in that area.

  3. I remember Anderson and Peterson appearing together in ads in 2007. And in the police consolidation, Anderson ended up in control. Seems pretty close to me.

    I wasn't aware about Turner supporting Ballard. That's the second history lesson I learned today (the other being that a lot of the small businesses on 38th Street are pea shake houses; and yes, I'm probably the last person to know about that)

  4. Sam couldn't be any worse then Ballard. He would talk a good game and before he knew it the Demo elite of the party would lead him astray just like Ballard.
    Not a big Bart fan! SerVass and Bart cost the city of Indianapolis over 600 million due to the failed sale and profiteering of the water company. The citizens of Marion and Hamilton county will be paying for their lunacy for the next 30 years or more.

    Our Local Government is starting to resemble the Federal Government with high dollar projects that will keep draining the money out of the local taxpayers pockets. Someone needs to remind the local politicians that government is not here to prop up businesses using the taxpayers money. The Lilly hotel, parking meters and the new hospital and all the money to the Colts and Pacers to name just a few missteps.


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