Friday, July 22, 2011

Ballard's Path to Victory? Hide Under the Desk!

Apparently taking a page from the victorious 2010 Charlie White campaign, Mayor Greg Ballard declined invitation to a Nora-area community group's forum for political candidates. Jon Easter of Indy Democrat reports that Ballard initially accepted the invitation, then withdrew it when it overlapped with a Mayor's Night Out event on the opening day of the Marion County Fair. The community group offered to put the forum on for a different day, but apparently that effort went nowhere.

I also highly recommend reviewing Easter's follow up post detailing the meeting and his thoughts. Of particular note was that Chris Bowen, the Libertarian candidate for Mayor, was highly critical of the water deal. Why do I find that interesting? Because Chris Spangle, the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, endorsed the deal on his blog and Edward Coleman, the sole Libertarian on the council, voted for the deal as well.

That's not to say it's a bad thing Bowen is expressing a different opinion. It's nice to have candidates who don't just blindly parrot the talking points, and it demonstrates how far the Libertarian Party has come in having a bigger tent. But still, interesting nonetheless.

(Also, I didn't really have anything worth posting today and so I decided to piggyback off of Jon Easter's two posts. Sorry, Jon).


  1. I don't think I reported that he initially accepted the invite and withdrew it. I was told by more than one source that the Nora date was set before the Mayor's Night Out date. In the interim, I've heard it the other way around. Regardless, Nora group apparently offered to move the forum to another date that would have given the Mayor a chance to participate and he still declined.


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