Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Does the Indianapolis Star have editors anymore?

Bill Levin, a Libertarian candidate for City-County Council At-Large, was recently interviewed about the controversy surrounding The Sinking Ship (see my post here) by The Indianapolis Star. Earlier today, he posted this article to his Facebook page, noting that he wasn't mentioned in the story despite being interviewed. The story was later updated shortly after 12 noon today, complete with more quotes, including Levin's.

So is this standard practice at The Star? Publish a half-assed article and then expand it by several paragraphs later in the day? What happened to the days where a copy editor would catch oversights like this, or an editor to look over and notice that half of the people interviewed for the article aren't quoted?

Levin says that the article didn't appear in the print edition at all. I wouldn't know. I broke my Star habit about two years ago.


  1. There is an article in today's print edition about the Silnking Ship. It's very common for the Star to put up a brief article on a breaking story and then expand it later.

  2. Seems to me subscribers kind of got the short end of the stick then. This wasn't like a council meeting where it ended at 11pm or later (which is cutting it close to the deadline), the meeting ended before 11am. Seems like plenty of time to gather interviews and get a full article published in the paper.

  3. But, in fairness, the Star has to compete with 24hr outlets - both traditional media and bloggers. So, getting a scoop or posting a starter piece seems okay to me.


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