Sunday, July 17, 2011

Neighborhood Group Attacks the Sinking Ship

The neighborhood association for Meridian-Kessler is petitioning the city of Indianapolis to deny The Sinking Ship a renewed alcohol license. Since the Ship is a bar (though it has a great menu of real food, not just bar food), the business won't be able to operate and will be forced to shut down.

The particular strip where the Sinking Ship is seems to have gone through several businesses the last few years and is in need of some stability. Add onto it that the Ship provides a unique experience not available at nearby Broad Ripple bars, and it deserves a chance to keep it's business open and let the cards fall where they may.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the city when a business tries to do something different and the Powers That Be try to shut it down.

If you can help support the Ship, attend the hearing that's being held at the City-County building, tomorrow (Monday) at 9am.

Details are over at this Facebook page.

CORRECTION: Thanks to Kevin of Urban Indy for pointing this out. It is NOT Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association protesting this, but a group called Meridian Kessler Neighbors Helping Neighbors. They have a Facebook page here.


  1. This is not the MKNA fighting this, it's an unaffiliated fringe group known as Meridian Kessler Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

  2. The woman who leads this group is not a homeowner in MK...she rents. One day she knocked on my door and I asked enough questions to get her to admit she is a RENTER!

    Maybe she should go rent somewhere else since she really isn't invested (as a property owner is) in MK neighborhood.

    That corner in is doing a whole lot better than it was.


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