Monday, July 11, 2011

Indianapolis Recorder: Same-Sex Marriage Is Just Like Child-Adult Marriage

The Indianapolis Recorder, one of the nation's oldest African-American newspapers, often posts topics to their Facebook account for discussion. And one of today's topics was about adoption rights for same-sex couples.

What surprised me is whoever is controlling The Indianapolis Recorder's Facebook account is actively part of the debate. The individual compares same-sex marriage to an adult marrying a 13 year old child, and asks where do "we as a society draw the line between right and wrong?". The Recorder also goes on to state that in some states, it is legal for a child to marry an adult.

I was frankly surprised to see this level of bigotry and ignorance expressed on a media outlet's account. I'd expect to see it from individuals commenting on the posts, just because that's how people roll on the Internet, but not from the media outlet itself.

I wonder, if questioned about these comments, if the Recorder will stand by them.

You can view one of the posts here if you don't have a Facebook account.

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  1. The fearmongers who holler about the slippery slope of a man marrying his horse conveniently forget that marriage is a CONTRACT and horses (or dogs or box-turtles or children) can't make contracts.


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