Sunday, August 8, 2010

Colts Player Found in a Ditch, Charges with Public Intoxication

WTHR reports that Colts player John Gill, 23, was found in a ditch on Lafayette Road on the city's northwest side. He was found without shoes, and his clothes were described as "disheveled and soiled." The report goes on to say that officers claim he fell several times while attempting to stand, reeked of alcohol, and his speech was slurred. Gill was released and charged with pubic intoxication.

So will this finally put an end to the "Pacers are thugs, Colts are saints" talking point that is often mentioned when comparing the two? Also, how will Prosecutor Carl Brizzi handle this? Brizzi has a professional relationship with Colts player Peyton Manning. They are both investors in the restaurant/bar Harry and Izzy's.

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