Friday, August 20, 2010

Second Motorcyclist Rally on the Ongoing Dave Bisard Saga

The rally is currently ongoing as I type this, but I have evening plans.

The rally is expected to me much larger than last week's rally, and this was indicated by five IMPD vehicles at the event. This is in contrast to last week's event, where I didn't witness a single police vehicle.

The motorcyclists are continuing to collect signatures to petition the judiciary to force the case to be investigated by a non-local body.

I was mainly at the event to gauge how the motorcyclists are feeling a week afterwards. A few hours before last week's rally occurred, the defense attorney for Officer Dave Bisard mentioned the possibility of the tested blood not being admissible evidence. Fast forward one week later, and that came true, along with all the alcohol related charges being dropped.

Several of the people I talked to mentioned their respect for those working in law enforcement, and one even said he had a son working in law enforcement, but they all felt that Bisard is getting special treatment and that a normal citizen would've been treated differently. One of the people I talked to said he was convicted of a DUI, and when his license was revoked before the trial, he didn't even have to appear in court.

Generally, the mood hasn't improved among the cyclists. In a week, it's gone from "disgruntled" to "pissed off." More than one of the dozen or so people I talked to think a mass firing/resigning of IMPD and Public Safety is needed.

Finally, the last gentleman I talked to had an update on the injured victims. He said he talked to Mary Mills' ex-husband on the phone. The gentleman inquired as to how Mills was doing, and the ex-husband responded "Evil Knievel," meaning nearly every bone in her body is broken. According to the ex-husband, Kurt Weekly, the other injured motorcyclist, is still in a coma.

The lawyer types can debate amongst themselves if what happened in the handling of Bisard's case was done in any special way. As I said before, I don't think it has been, but there's still a lot missing from the puzzle. But regardless of what I think, or anyone else thinks, there is a perception that Bisard is getting special treatment. Mayor Greg Ballard, the Department of Public Safety, and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department would be wise to have some outreach to the motorcyclist community and see how they can fix this perception and build a bridge. Because right now, the bridge might be burning.


  1. We are more than "Pissed off" had this been you or myself, we would never been given a BOND, we would still be sitting behind bars until our court date in 6 months and believe me, we would have been sentenced to LIFE. IMPD=License to KILL

  2. I too took your fine example, Student, and attended the rally, signed the petitions, and talked to many there, including the grieving families, apologizing for the actions and inactions of our city leaders.

  3. Please someone post this guys home address. He should never sleep through the night again or his family. Cops have their own justice and so does the public.


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