Friday, August 6, 2010

Congratulations, Indy! We've made headlines across the nation!

Unfortunately, most of the headlines have been bad. Glenn Beck used the allegedly staged fighting incident at Municipal Gardens in one of his segments to rant about...whatever he rants about. Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana noted that the recent shooting that left two dead and six in the hospital made headlines in cable news and at the Associated Press. Similar headlines were also made during the shooting that occurred during the final Saturday of Black Expo. Many of these stories also made it onto The Drudge Report as well.

This isn't something an awesome PR campaign from the likes of Indianapolis Downtown Inc can cure, and shoveling money to professional sports won't do anything to help fight and reduce crime. Real or perceived, you can't overlook these stories and what it makes our city look like to outsiders. It makes one wonder if there is perhaps something better we could be spending tax dollars on rather than professional sports


  1. The fight was not at Mount Vernon. It was at Municipal Gardens. Mount Vernon is claiming they had nothing to do with it.

    Also, there is some disagreement on the facts of the case. One way or another, it's a mess.

  2. I'll make the correct. Thanks, Jon.

    I saw Wilson Allan's post in the comments section when Bil Browning wrote about it. However, Wilson's post was based on someone who called into Amos Brown's radio show. And I take all people who call in to talk radio with previously unknown facts with a grain of salt. That's largely why I haven't written a full post about it, because something is just plain missing from reported accounts right now.

  3. It amazes me there has not been one video of this appear in public. There had to be people recording, to capture the result if it went badly. It was devised, planned, arranged and executed in a roomful of people - but not recorded? Huh? You KNOW it had to be recorded.

    So, where is it?

  4. Oh, and you might want to check the spelling at right for your link to 'Auntie Maim's Child Development Center.' You got me to look, that's for sure. ;-)


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