Friday, August 20, 2010

Information Wanted: Were You Listening to Greg Garrison around 11am?

Did anyone else hear Greg Garrison at the start of the 11am hour say that "motorcyclists are basically pedestrians" when talking about the accident involving Officer Dave Bisard? I was in the car and couldn't write it down, but that quote absolutely shocked me. Greg Garrison is an attorney, and a former prosecutor, and should be well aware that motorcyclists (And bicyclists as well!) are vehicles and have equal access to the road, just as much as cars and trucks do.

As I've noticed (and Gary Welsh as well, multiple times), Garrison is so focused on national issues, spouting off whatever the right-wing meme of the day is, that he dedicates no meaningful time to local issues. And when he does have local politicians on, he has never asked them a single hard hitting question. The closest he came was when he asked Mayor Greg Ballard about the proposed so-called "guns-in-parks" legislation by Councilor Ed Coleman (Libertarian-At Large), which Ballard had come out against. Besides that one incidence, he has never even come close to holding a local Republican official's feet to the fire. And I say Republican because, unlike his competitors Amos Brown and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, he does not want to hear dissenting views.


  1. Stone is way right; Garrison is way wrong. Spread the word.

  2. I did not, I was out riding ;-)

    I would bet the quote is being taken out of context, or Garrison made one of his frequent talks-to-fast, tongue-tied gaffs. A motorcycle stopped is equivalent to a pedestrian insofar as their treatment vis-a-vis a moving vehicle.

    It is the responsibility of the moving vehicle's operator to yield (without exception) to the 'pedestrian.'

  3. By the way... Listen to WIBC at 7pm. tonight. They replay stuff from the AM shows for an hour (at least).

    You you stand a fairly good chance of hearing the same piece replayed since the Bisard case is a hot item.

  4. Unfortunately, I won't have a chance. Maybe it is a slip of the tongue, or maybe what you said in your first post is what he meant and he just didn't expand on it. but it sure sounded "off" to me.

    I didn't hear the 10am hour which I guess ignited the 11am hour rant that I heard. Oh well, it's talk radio. Go figure.

    Some of my more liberal friends question why I listen to Beck, but if they ever had to listen to Garrison, they'd see why I choose the former. At least Beck is entertaining, and sometimes he has people on who disagree with him.


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