Monday, August 16, 2010

More on the Officer Bisard Case

A well placed source has informed me that he's heard that the Fraternal Order of Police is ordering a DNA test of the blood sample that had the 0.19 BAC level to make sure that it is Officer Dave Bisard's blood. Previously, union president Bill Owensby questioned if the blood vials were mixed up, as reported by The Indianapolis Star.

My source also goes into detail of what happened in the previous weeks, and how these events could play out as far as being used as evidence in a trial.

My source says that the blood test was done at the Marion County Crime Lab rather than the State Department of Toxicology which he says is the standard test lab for BAC testing. The source also adds that no one at the Methodist medical center, including medical staff, noticed any indication of intoxication. He says one arm was swabbed with alcohol prep wipe rather than bedidyne, then subsequently the other arm was swabbed with bedidyne and the blood sample then drawn. He says alcohol prep could contaminate the blood sample, and also could cause it's evidence in court to be questioned.

My source also went into detail on how the blood draw could be used, depending on if it was for an internal investigation or criminal, and how the consent was gotten. This was largely confirmed by a WISH-TV report which you can read here. He also adds that the blood has to be collected into a special type of tube, and the wrong container for the blood could cause it to be thrown out as evidence.

My source says that this is one of the messed up cases he's ever seen, I have to agree. There are still so many unanswered questions, and I can only hope that we'll get the full, complete story at some point.


  1. We will stay tuned. And you still do not think that this is a police state, IS? Did the City even send a representative to Mr. Bisard's funeral, I am wondering.

  2. I don't believe it's a police state because I think the use of that term lays the blame at the police.

    I do believe the government has done a power grab to regulate and prosecute various aspects of our personal lives, and if we make chances there, I think a large amount of police abuse will end. Any power the police have derive from legislation and from the executive branch.


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