Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More on Marvin Scott Continues to Evade Responsibility

In yesterday's WISH-TV news story, controversial talk radio host and Marvin Scott's campaign manager Stan Solomon came under fire by several bloggers and the Indiana Stonewall Democrats for making comments highly derogatory of LGBT and Islamic peoples. Scott called Solomon a "loose cannon" and said he would take action.

Marvin Scott on his Facebook profile has posted that "Mr. Solomon has apologized."

Whoa there cowboy! Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater! Slow down there!

Give me a break.

As I predicted, Scott has decided, once again, to evade responsibility. He's acting as if he's a political newcomer, and that his staff's controversial actions and Internet postings do not reflect upon him. Political campaigning 101 basically states that you are a reflection of the candidate. If Solomon and people like Robert Croddy, who have worked in politics for quite some time, have no grasp of that concept, then there is little hope for Scott's campaign. And that's ignoring the issue that he is entirely unelectable in the 7th Congressional district.

Blog roundup:

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  1. Sometimes I feel certain the local Republican party has been infiltrated with double agents intent on destroying it from within. To have such a consistent record of boneheadedness can't be random chance.

  2. Your comment gave me a bit of a laugh, DI. But I also know there is some truth sprinkled in there as well. It's strange that the MCGOP has, in my opinion, a fairly solid group of candidates on the "lower" part of the ballot (prosecutor, Sheriff especially, assesor, etc...), but the top part of the ballot (US House and more state-wide, US Senate) people aren't all that thrilled about.

  3. Hey, the people wanted Marvin Scott... they chose him to run against Carson.

    Kinda like Obama, the people got who they wanted.


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