Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stan Solomon, Marvin Scott's Campaign Manager, Resigns.

Stan Solomon, a controversial talk radio host, has resigned his post as Marvin Scott's campaign manager. Scott is running against incumbent André Carson (D-7th) for the House of Representatives.

Solomon has been under fire from those in the blogosphere, as well as the state and national Stonewall Democrats, for controversial comments he has made under his Twitter account. His comments contained many slurs and offensive remarks against gays and those of the Islamic faith. Some of those comments were "Gay stands for Got AIDS Yet?" and remarks encouraging the bombing the city of Mecca, considered a holy place of the Islamic faith.

If only the county GOP put some effort after slating Carlos May, maybe this all could've been avoided. May might not have won in a center-left district, but I do believe he would've avoided controversy such as this.

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