Saturday, September 4, 2010

You Just Can't Trust Big Government Conservatives

One of the problems with the Republican Party nationally is that it has been hijacked by those who love big government. It's just that instead of welfare for the poor and liberal not-for-profit organizations, it's welfare for the military-industrial complex and homeland security. And both parties seem to love micromanaging the lives of every day folks who generally want to be left alone.

Why do I bring this up? It's not because Indiana's ridiculous blue laws are in the news again, but because I ran across a blue laws post in SUPPORT of blue laws over at Blogs for Victory. As I read the post, I thought the writer was just reflecting on the morality of blue laws and how he likes the idea. I was hoping he wouldn't explictly support the ones currently on the books, or new ones. But I was let down:

But we should strive for a general stoppage of work at least one day a week – and as we are a nation of deeply Christian background, the logical day for it is on Sunday. And we should do a bit of enforcing holiday closures – don’t have people’s holidays wrecked because a company decides it can squeeze out 0.01% more profit if they open up at midnight, Thanksgiving rather than waiting until 9AM or so on Friday.

These guys will go on and on about free market this and socialism that when it's about the Democrat's and President Barack Obama's agenda, but when it comes to what THEY want, and it's usually in enforcing their religious or moral beliefs, big government is their friend.

If those who think like this could remember their roots, they'd know that a free market would take care of this. Companies tend to adopt to where they locate, including the hours they operate. A business that wants to be open 24/7 won't go to an area where it won't be profitable or where there isn't demand.

And finally, I should remind the Big Government Conservatives they can always vote with their wallet and feel free to not shop on Sunday. But you choosing to do so is your decision. It should not impede by decision to make a private business transaction at the store of my choosing.

The national Libertarian Party's web site also has a very entertaining post concerning similar matters here.

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