Friday, September 10, 2010

Still More on the Ongoing Officer Bisard Case

Fox 59 continues their (as Gary Welsh puts it) game changing coverage of the ongoing incident involving Officer Dave Bisard. Bisard, a K-9 officer within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, was responding to a request for assistance on a misdemeanor warrant. During the trip to assist, he crashed into two motorcycles, leaving one dead and two severely injured. He was originally charged with multiple alcohol related and fatality related charges, but those charges were dropped after the results of the blood draw were claimed to be not admissible in court as evidence due to the location of the blood draw and the individual who performed it.

The Fox 59 story reports that changes in state law expanded on the definition of where and who can perform a blood draw, though the state law fails to be more specific other than that the previous law is not a limitation.

As I reported earlier, a source has told me that the prosecutor's office didn't write down the blood alcohol content result correctly. It was actually 0.019, but was written down as 0.19. If this is true, Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi could once again be the focus of the story and prove further that his office is corrupt and needs a house cleaning.

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