Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More on Parking Privatization Article Roundup

Apparently, Urbanophile's excellent post has made the rounds and a number of pundits have weighed in, including Paul Ogden, Pat Andrews of Had Enough Indy?, and Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana.
Marci Oddi of the Indiana Law Blog also weighs in. Her post contains a link to the several entries her blog has done over the years concerning the Chicago parking privatization.

Finally, "Bart" from Bart Lies! posts his thoughts. His entry also contains a side-by-side comparison (in PDF format) of Chicago's parking contract and Indy's proposed contract. He brings up an excellent point in that those of us who went to school have had it hammered into our head that plagarism of any sorts is ethically bad and you'll at least get an F on a project, and might even get tossed out of school. But that's not quite how it works in the real world. More on that in a separate entry.

Again, I encourage you to read the entire original blog post here. Posting the highlights just doesn't do it justice.

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