Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reaction to Aaron Renn's Criticism of ACS-Indy Parking Deal

I'm leaving for a day trip to Bloomington soon, and I told myself I wouldn't post anything overtly political today out of respect for the lives that were lost nine years ago.

On that note, Jon Easter of Indy Democrat has an excellent post up.

So I decided, instead of posting my OWN thoughts, I'd post other people's. Sounds like a workable compromise.

Aaron Renn's post on the ACS-Parking deal has attracted quite a lot of attention. He also has a follow up post which deals with the parking deal a bit more.

Amos Brown of WTLC-AM was the first within the more traditional media to pick up on Renn's criticisms and booked him for an interview. You can listen to the interview here.

The city responded via Michael Huber, one of the several deputy mayors, and the one who has been in charge of the public parking deal. I have hosted it on Google Docs, which you can view as an online PDF or download it to your hard drive. You can find it here. You should be able to download it even without a Google account. Hat tip to Abdul, who originally posted the documents onto his blog, Indiana Barrister.

Have a good and save weekend. If you are interested in attending a service of some sorts for 9/11, The Indianapolis Star has a list of events here. A couple are in the evening, so it isn't too late.

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