Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote Mike Wherry for Secretary of State

It is unfortunate that the two major party candidates come with baggage. The Republican nominee, Charlie White, is accused of voter fraud. And it's likely that he'll be at least charged with it. Vop Osili, the Democratic nominee, has been toting that his office would be involved in job creation, but that doesn't past the smell test to me. There's also been reports that Osili has had some irregularities in his campaign reporting.

So what is a Hoosier to do, especially since many probably don't know a whole lot of what the Secretary of State's office does?

Do yourself a favor and vote for the Libertarian Party's candidate, Mike Wherry.

In Indiana, the Secretary of State's race is what parties have to do well in to maintain ballot access. At 2% of the vote, they get ballot access but do all of their nominations through the convention process. At 10%, they become a "major" party and go through the primary process.

While I don't agree with the Libertarian Party of Indiana on everything (though I do forgive them for supporting the utility sale, no one is perfect), they deserve the chance to offer Hoosiers an alternative to the two parties currently in power.


  1. Vop or Wherry are the only two votes that make sense in this race. You cannot elect a Secretary of State that doesn't know or ignores voter law and election law. That's Charlie White.

  2. I will say this much about Vop. He hit the ground running on this. I've seen his guys in a lot of local events promoting their candidate. In a non-2010 year, Vop might have a shot. But it'll be hard to overcome the Republican tidlewave that will likely trickle down to the state wide races.

  3. Jon, If Charlie is not qualified by ignoring voting laws, then Vop is not qualified for violating campaign finance reporting laws. Thus the only choice would be Mike Wherry.

  4. It's really hard to NOT violate campaign finance laws due to how complex they are. Unless you are running for an office that'll net you big campaign donations so you can hire full time staff to handle it all, you're basically bound to screw up at some point. I'm willing to let Vop have some (not all) slack in that. Libertarians generally avoid major screw ups because of the low amount of cash :)

  5. I can go through anyones financial report and find something wrong. Anyone's.

    That argument does not fly

  6. Never have to worry about a libertarian violating campaign finance law. They have no campaign finances.


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