Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call and E-Mail Councillor Bateman and Tell Him to Reject the ACS Parking Scam!

Paul Bateman (D-11th) may become the deciding non-Republican vote to make up for the fact that Christine Scales (R-4th) refuses to go along with the scam that the Ballard administration and Affiliated Computer Services are shoving through the City-County Council. Just as Mayor Greg Ballard (R) did with the water utility sale, one or two votes will be touted as bi-partisanship.

The question isn't the action of the vote, but why is Bateman even considering voting for it? Does he honestly think this is a good deal? Has he read the entire contract and understand the full ramifications?

Bateman is a mystery to me. I don't know why he'd vote for it, but the cynic in me might lead me to think he's been promised some type of benefit for his district. It probably isn't related to the parking deal and the monetary "beneft" though. By state statute, money made from public parking has to go back to areas where meters and lots are located. And Bateman's district isn't likely to have many, if any at all, metered areas.
I could type up a few paragraphs about how the point of public parking is to manage downtown and make it an efficient place to live and work and manage curbside space rather than to make a few bucks, but I feel that would be wasted effort.

Please contact Bateman. This is an important vote, and this deal, if implemented, could very well outlive many who read this.

Bateman's e-mail is

The City-County Council's office number is (317)327-4242.

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