Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun Facts About ACS And the Parking Deal!

Here's some more Fun Facts!(TM) about the ACS-City parking deal.

  • Did you know that Park Indy isn't just some cool term Michael Huber, Deputy Mayor of economic development, coined? It isn't! Park Indy is an actual limited liability corporation (LLC) that consists of Affiliated Computer Services, Denison Parking, and Evans Time. Park Indy LLC is located in Delaware. Why Delaware? Well, all the cool kids know that Delaware has some pretty nifty benefits for businesses that incorporate there even if they don't operate in Delaware.
  • Did you know these 200 jobs that are promised are completely separate from the actual parking contract? Not only that, but an ACS rep came out and said they are only committing these jobs for seven years. And to the best of my knowledge, there's no guarantee those jobs will actually be in Marion County. They could be in Marion, Indiana, where ACS runs their Family and Social Services Administration call centre for the state of Indiana. Paul Ogden has more on how unenforceable and toothless the jobs agreement is here.

More of these fun facts will come forward as my brain processes them.

On another note, The Indianapolis Star's Jon Murray e-mailed me earlier today and got my thoughts on this scam. He was at the committee meeting, so look for his article in tomorrow's Star.

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