Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Happened to Indy's Political Stock Exchange?

I've often commented on the Indy's Political Stock Exchange blog and found it to be unique in a sea of political pundits, most of whom are either media figures or workers within the county or state political parties.

We often see the "death" of a few blogs around the post-election season, but they didn't even make it that far. Their last post was dated October 2, 2010.

But I certainly understand taking some time off. Writing can be hard, and writing as a group can lead to unique challenges even though at first it seems like it'd make writing and reporting easier. Hopefully my friends over at IPSE are just getting their act together for the 2011 municipal election. It'll be one hell of a ride, and I'd love to have them along.

Maybe if we all send them a friendly e-mail at ispe00@yahoo.com they'll let us know what's up?

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