Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday

It's strange how things evolve.

I've been in journalism, in some form or another, since high school. I started out at Y-Press and stayed there until the end of high school. At some point, I got in touch with some folks from the local music scene and started writing for a website called Indianapolis Music Net. During my first two years in college, even though I didn't work on any type of newspaper, I was in the IU School of Journalism taking classes and doing well. When I switched out of the School of Journalism, I lost that creative outlet that I needed.

Since then, I've thought that maybe journalism, as a profession, might not be right for me. The industry is going through a transition period, and nobody has a safe job. The job I used to dream about at The Indianapolis Star likely doesn't exist.

But just because the industry is screwed up doesn't mean I can't do this on my own.

So in the middle of 2009, while I was going through some personal issues, that's how this blog came to be. As an outlet to keep me writing and keep my craft in form.

And it's been well over a year since I started writing, so I guess the plan has expanded.

If you look at the earlier entries, I think they're a bit more personal than I like. At some point, I figured that I only have a limited amount of stories that can be introduced into the news cycle to be relevant that have ME as the focus. I also decided I wasn't all that interesting to write about anyway, and I don't like the spotlight.

So now I do a combination of straight reporting and commentary. It's mostly commentary, since I do this in my spare time. But I love writing original news pieces when I can. And I enjoy observing the media in this town, which is really an interest of mine that I haven't focused much on.

I also like to think that I provide something a bit unique in the local, political blogosphere. Many of the political bloggers are either media pundits or people who work within the two party system as ward chairman or precinct committeemen or similar positions.

So I like to think that I, as someone who isn't tied to a single political party, give a bit of a unique perspective.

I want to thank anyone reading this. I never imagined anyone outside of my immediete family and close friends ever giving a damn about what I write. And while I still mostly do it for myself, it helps to know that there are people who read who care.

Thank you all. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe on Black Friday.

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  1. I, for one, am glad you are doing this. Besides the education in journalism and your independence from the party systems, you bring a youth's perspective to the discussions. It is your 'inheritance' that we older farts are messing up.

    You have a good Thanksgiving, too. And, keep up the good work.


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